Tonight’s Sky…!

Lunar libration. see below for more descriptions

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Lunar Phase: Full moon
Lunar Cycle: Day 14
Percent Full: 99% (Note: Moon was 100% full @ 1:11pm earlier today.)
Moon is in Virgo

Don’t miss it!
Be sure to look up and catch a glimpse of tonight’s “Super Moon” -a full moon, closer to earth than it’s been in nearly 20 yrs. (since Mar ’93)!

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iheartfaces »”Daddy’s Hand As Her Canvas”

ifaces »Anything But A Face! Photo Challenge
The World Is Her Canvas

© IvyWell Digital Imagery, photographer: Chesney Peyton 2010-2011

   During an unexpected trip planned by Matt, to buy me a new camera bag and a couple of other various camera accessories as a belated Christmas gift, our daughter became somewhat bored while I’d been attempting to capture a few impromptu photos of the moon along with the city skyline. She’d ultimately decided she felt like drawing; but after not finding any paper immediately handy, he suggested that she give him a “tattoo” while they patiently waited for me to finish up.
…And so Daddy’s hand became her canvas.