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Dumbass moments of greatness.

Yes, eveyone has them.  There are no exceptions.  I have my moments like everyone else.  Even though this next story happened a few hours before the one in the last post, I thought I’d offer this one up as a chaser to the last one which was fairly sobering, serious, and let’s face it, somewhat somber.
As I said, I have these moments like eveyone else, and sometimes, you’ve just got to laugh.  If you can’t laugh at yourself, you shouldn’t laugh at others.  At least, that’s my view on it. …
Monday night/Tuesday morning, I was coming back from a load I had delivered in Kansas, heading north.  I was about 45 minutes south of Omaha on hwy 75.  This was the first night of the really big snow storm hitting the US.  I caught up to a group of 5 cars.  It was icy, very icy.  I knew this from the drive down to Kansas when I was loaded.
Anyway, the rear vehicle in the line that I had caught up to was hitting his/her brakes with regularity.  Several times a minute.  The other cars ahead of this vehicle were going at a steady pace.  This vehicle kept catching up to the rest, and then would have to hit it’s brakes to slow back down.
Now, when your driving on ice, and snow, it’s best to keep your speed and distance steady with the gas pedal, not the brakes.  I know, upon first hearing this, it may sound slightly backwards.  What I mean by using the gas instead of the brake is this.  Give yourself a little more distance from the car ahead of you.  If they start to slow, or you start to catch them, let off of the gas a little.  By the time you would have to brake, your speed should have already slowed enough so that it matches the lead vehicle speed.  Stay off the gas until the distance has increased again.  Rinse and repeat.  (Really, sometimes I’m funny.) …
Some of you may be wondering, what do drivers do to pass the time or stay awake?  The answer is, lots of things.  Some drivers listen to the radio, or satellite radio.  Some listen to news, or talk radio.  Some listen to audio books.  I’ve even seen some actually read a book, or newspaper, or watch movies, while driving!  For obvious reasons, this last is NOT a good idea!
Personally, I mix those up depending on the mood I’m in.  (Except for the actual reading part.)  My favorite is audio books, because I love to read.  Obviously with my job, its hard to find the time.  So, audio books are the next best thing.  It does depend on the person they hired for it though.  I recently found my favorite series on audio book.  Jim Butcher’s series the Dresden Files. …

The rest of the night…

This is the rest of the night following my last post.  Remember the blowing snow and ice?  Well, on my way out to the lot from my last story, I had gone off route to get there.  EVERYONE that goes to this lot takes this alternate route.  The reason is simple.  The route planned on the bills, (typically in the trucking industry, bills refers to “bills of lading,” which means the paperwork for the load your hauling), takes you across a very hilly road most of the way to this lot.  Well, when our boss ordered our new trucks, he ordered the smallest motors he could get in them.  And remember, we are heavy haulers, we carry 15,000 lbs. more weight than a standard truck trailer combination.  This alternate route everyone takes to the lot, takes 15 minutes less even though it is about 10 miles farther.  But because it’s almost flat up until you get to the lot, we use less fuel to do it.  Anyway, on the way there, one of the roads comes down a steep hill to a stop sign, and it had not been plowed yet.  Not a problem going there loaded, but coming back empty?  It would mean turning a corner, starting up a steep hill from almost a stop with 3 or 4 inches of snow on the road, empty. …

Idiocy, or competitiveness?

About a week ago, I was delivering a load to a lot that was on a big hill.  Now, here’s a bit more backround info, our trailers have what is called a “walking floor”, and uses hydraulics to unload the cattle feed we haul.  Also, I work nights, which I prefer, because I have to deal with less traffic that way.  Now, back to the story…  I picked up my load from the plant that makes it 15 minutes after another guy picked up a load going to the exact same place.  This was a night when it was snowing, AND blowing, it was cold and nasty.  Now, I know the other driver enough to know that he drives slower than me in that kind of weather.  (I know what your thinking, and I agree, driving slow in that weather isn’t a bad thing, and I agree.  For my own defence, I’ve been a driver off and on for around 15 years, over the road and off of it, and I’ve never had an accident).  So anyway, because of this, I stopped for 15 minutes at a truck stop to use the restroom, and grab something to drink.  This I figured, gave him around a 30 minute headstart.  The lot we were going to, (we call the places we deliver, “lots”),was about 2 1/2 to 3 hours away.  Sometimes we have to weigh our trucks at the lots, and this was one of those.  I pulled up to the scale less than a minute after he got there.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, this is just part of the story as you will see.  Now, at this particular lot, the scale is at the top of a very large hill, and where we dump our loads, is at the bottom of this same large hill.  (Keep in mind, the snow and ice).  There are 2 ways up and down this hill, one is a driveway through the lot, and the other is the gravel road with an entrance to the lot at the top and bottom of the hill.  Where we dump at this lot, you go down the driveway, and dump facing the road.  Anyway, since…  hmm, let’s call the other driver “Bob”.  (We do have a Bob working for us, but this is not him).  Now, since “Bob” arrived at the lot before me, he would get to unload first.  But, this is one of the bigger lots we go to, and as Bob is one of our nicer drivers, he called me on the radio, or CB, (for those of you who don’t know, CB stands for Citizens Band radio, CB or radio for short), and told me there was enough room next to him for both of us to unload at the same time.  “That way,” he said, “whoever gets done first doesn’t have to wait for the other.”  I agreed and thanked him, …

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