Ostara vs Easter

Hopping everyone has an eggcellent day…
Happy “Easter” / Belated Ostara!

Brightest Blessings,

The Celtic Connection: Ostara by Herne
Witchvox | Popular Pagan Holidays: “You Call It Easter, We Call It Ostara”


“The Grey – Trailer” on YouTube | Decisions, Decisions

I’m still seriously torn on whether or not to see this film.
On the one hand, it looks like it’s extremely well-made and seems to be ultra-compelling. I thoroughly enjoy Liam Neeson’s talent. And I love wolves. But therein lies the potential issue…
I love wolves! And, if what some are saying is true, this movie has given them [wolves] a bit of a bad name. Any graphic scenes, with them being either injured or killed, would most likely also be very difficult for me to watch. What can I say… I’m a sucker for animals -tried ‘n true. 😉

In the meantime, I’d happily welcome any suggestions / recommendations / or personal opinions, should anyone happen to have any that they’d like to share.

Thanks for reading!

“Good morning… And best wishes for a beautiful day.” ❤

DailyHoroscope for Sunday, Oct 2 2011

DailyHoroscope for Aries
Oct 2 2011
You can stay up late at night, toss and turn restlessly when you finally go to sleep, and wake up thinking and assessing and analyzing all the ways to deal with a problem you’re having, but that isn’t going to get you very far. If you really want to solve a challenge you are now facing, the best way to do so is to let go of it for awhile. By clinging to this problem and putting all of your focus on it, you are losing sight of the big picture. Though it may seem counterproductive to your purpose, forgetting about your issue for a day or two or three will help you to find the answer.

DailyHoroscope for Taurus
Oct 2 2011
Don’t get all worked up about something you hear today, Taurus. Someone may come to you with startling news, or perhaps you will hear something that has the people around you buzzing. A story like this could cause you to become anxious and worried. However, what you are hearing is most likely a mixture of fact and fiction. If you take it for the complete truth, you will get yourself and those you repeat it to all stressed out over nothing. If you give it a few days, the full story will come to you, and you’ll discover that it’s much ado about nothing. Meanwhile, forget about it.

DailyHoroscope for Gemini
Oct 2 2011
Someone may be misleading you, Gemini. There is no malicious intention to this person’s wayward guidance, but it could cause you a bit of trouble if you aren’t careful. What’s going on is not a premeditated deception. Most likely you two just have your wires crossed. He or she is saying one thing, but you are hearing something completely different. That’s why it’s very important now – during this period of foggy communications – that you communicate very clearly, and that you make sure that those you deal with are doing the same. A bit of caution is all you need.

DailyHoroscope for Cancer
Oct 2 2011
Someone is underestimating your potential, Moonchild. This person can probably cite a list of reasons why you are not up to a certain challenge or responsibility. This individual is good at spinning tales, and is probably very convincing. That’s okay. He or she is entitled to a personal opinion. But make a note of this: you should not believe a word of what this person says. You are quite capable and amply talented. You are most definitely up to the task of completing a goal. Go for it, and don’t doubt yourself for a moment.

DailyHoroscope for Leo
Oct 2 2011
You are now dealing with a limitation of some sort. Either you are short on resources or you are afraid you don’t have what it takes to resolve an ongoing problem. You have convinced yourself that there is no way you can tackle the issue with what you have to work with. But that’s not true. The only limitation you have now is the one you have created in your mind. You are normally quite good at thinking creatively and coming up with solutions that may require you to color outside the lines. This time is no different. You can do it.

DailyHoroscope for Virgo
Oct 2 2011
You can go out in search of other people’s opinions regarding an upcoming decision you will soon need to make, or you can trust yourself to know the answer. If you ask for advice, you could certainly tap into the mind of some expert. But then again, some might consider you to be an expert. After all, you have done your homework. You have experience in the area. And you are not exactly the reckless type. You are practical and smart. Trust yourself now, Virgo. You really do know what’s best. Make your choice with confidence.

DailyHoroscope for Libra
Oct 2 2011
You have lost something, or lost out on something. You feel a burdensome sense of loss. You feel that you have missed out on or screwed up a wonderful opportunity. But you did what you could do with what you had at the time. In other words, Libra, you did your best. And all is not lost anyway. Remember the story of Cinderella? She had to leave the ball before her gown returned to rags and her coach returned to a pumpkin. But the prince found her anyway because she’d lost her shoe. When she lost that shoe, she probably felt foolish, but it all worked out for the best. It will for you too.

DailyHoroscope for Scorpio
Oct 2 2011
You are denying that you desperately want something, Scorpio, because you are afraid that you won’t be able to get it. To admit your hunger would leave you feeling vulnerable. Other people would know of your desire, and failing in the eyes of others would make you feel especially awful. And even admitting to yourself that you really want what you want might make you feel uneasy too, because then it would be a recordable failure if you didn’t get it. But cheer up. Want what you want with passion. Doing so will make you feel far more free and unencumbered by doubts. Go for it – you are incredibly close to your goal.

DailyHoroscope for Sagittarius
Oct 2 2011
You may now be so focused on the dark side of something that you are failing to miss out on the bright spots. It’s the same as entering a dark room and lingering there for awhile. After a period of time your eyes grow accustomed to the darkness. And then, when a flicker of light appears, your eyes instinctively and naturally try to avoid it, because after so much darkness that light would hurt your eyes. Stop focusing on what’s going wrong now, Sagittarius. So much is going right. If you turn your attention to the rays of hope, you will eventually feel the entire room (and your life) get much brighter.

DailyHoroscope for Capricorn
Oct 2 2011
In the olden days there were lots of movies where the guys in the white hats battled against the guys in the black hats. The audience in the theaters always rooted for the guys in the white hats because it was obvious that they were the heroes. There was no cause for speculation, because that’s what they were taught to believe and that’s how it always was. You may now feel inclined to root for someone who appears to be the obvious good guy. But you need to look deeper if you are to be as fair as possible.

DailyHoroscope for Aquarius
Oct 2 2011
You will have an opportunity to do something today that is righteous. It may not be the easiest thing to do. It may not be the easiest choice to make. It would be much simpler to follow the crowd and go whichever way the wind blows. But that wouldn’t be true to your nature, Aquarius. You are a leader. You are a humanitarian. You will know deep down which way to go with an upcoming dilemma, even though it may be quite inconvenient. Choose to follow the higher path, even though it may be rockier, and you will gain a sense of fulfillment – and an amazing opportunity.

DailyHoroscope for Pisces
Oct 2 2011
You are being noticed by someone who is influential. This person could make a difference in your life that you haven’t even imagined. This doesn’t mean you need to be on your best behavior. Just be yourself. Your very special talents and qualities will stand out if you don’t become self-conscious. There is something you have been hoping to attain or some opportunity you would love to have, and this person could be the connection you need to get what you want. So strut your stuff, and do so with confidence.

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