We Deviate (by dEfyant)

Do you believe in parallel realities?
Have you ever speculated whether it just may be possible for each of us to exist within multiple, slightly varying, universes -all at once?
Have you ever found yourself wondering what it might be like to walk a day (perhaps a week, or maybe a month) in one of your “alternate’s” shoes …doing any, or all, of the things you currently wish you were doing, feel that you need to be doing, or even think that you should be doing, now –during this life, in this specific reality?

If you were able to live out your life as a different version of yourself…
1) What is at least one goal or accomplishment you’d aim to achieve?
2) Is there anything you can think of that you would consciously do differently?


5:09 And All Is…

…Freak’n White! Again. “Ugghh!”
Okay, seriously… no more snow! I don’t think I have seen a winter this white in close to two decades. …Since I was a kid. And it’s really not even the slightest bit amusing to me anymore.
I haven’t been able to drive anywhere for atleast two weeks! -My 4-wheel drive is out over 90% of the time, …I’m driving on a spare and all of my tires are lacking sufficient tread, …and even though our previous layers (nay, mounds) of snow/ice accumulation have begun melting, over half of the town’s streets have still remained solid sheets of ice because (apparently) salting/de-icing the roads are ‘against our religion’.
Initially, I’d taken to walking. -The convenience store …the bank …the post office, etc. This is no longer an option for me, atleast @this time, however. (As I learned earlier this past week -the hard way.) One of my knees began suffering some damage a few months ago (originating as a decrease in ‘padding’/cartilage, I suspect; most likely caused by either the Lupus or Fibromyalgia, both of which have been flaring again recently) and has only become increasingly worse, what with all the stairs and shoveling snow and other various physical demands in my so-called life.
-Speaking of which, trash take-out is long overdue so… I’m off!


Typical. – I set out on one mission and almost always end up unable to complete it w/out somehow feeling the dire need to add yet another, (one or more) that I may happen to see while in the process, to my list. So… needless to say, the simple task of taking out the trash resulted in some odd, compelling desire to shovel the latest snow off the deck and walkways, as well. -Yep, ‘bum’ knee ‘n all. Why is it that I’m always (seemingly) so exasperatingly incapable of either just walking away or letting it go?! ¿o.O?
I suppose some might try to say it’s OCD; but since I don’t buy into all that psychobabble bullshit, my general response would be, “Fuck that!”
Nevertheless, Matt is undoubtedly going to “have my head” for shoveling it myself, in the first place, rather than waiting until morning for him to do it. (Well, providing he even makes it back, that is.)
Oh well. In my own defense… These days, there’s rarely ever any way of even knowing, let alone a guarantee of, when and/or if he’ll even make it home on any given week …at any given point-in-time; so I’ll continue to do what I’ve gotta do for as long as I’m able to do it.

Until next time…

Sleepless Suffering


Another (cold winter) sleepless night in the country. And yet another thick layer of snowfall blanketing Mother Earth.
I’m on my second NOS of the day.
And as ‘luck’ would, apparently, have it… the latter of the two Supernatural episodes we watched just so happened to revolve around clowns. o.O -Talk about ef’d up!
Oh! and btw, have I happened to mention that I just really do not make the world’s most becoming ‘country girl’.?


Dreading the vivid, relentless dreaming and tormenting nightmares, but…
Must sleep.

Until next time…