We Deviate (by dEfyant)

Do you believe in parallel realities?
Have you ever speculated whether it just may be possible for each of us to exist within multiple, slightly varying, universes -all at once?
Have you ever found yourself wondering what it might be like to walk a day (perhaps a week, or maybe a month) in one of your “alternate’s” shoes …doing any, or all, of the things you currently wish you were doing, feel that you need to be doing, or even think that you should be doing, now –during this life, in this specific reality?

If you were able to live out your life as a different version of yourself…
1) What is at least one goal or accomplishment you’d aim to achieve?
2) Is there anything you can think of that you would consciously do differently?


He Brings Me Flowers • Fri Dec 09 ’11

“That which we call a rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet.” -Juliet, Romeo and Juliet

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As I await final confirmation on last goodbyes…

I must admit that this past week has, hands down, been one of THE longest, hardest, most heartbreaking ..gut-wrenching ..and hellish weeks of my life, thus far.
I’ve much to update and/or recap, including two final Acts of my own true-to-life personally-penned ‘Shakespeare•an Tragedy’: ~•♥•♥•~ …Which, shall then soon be locked safely and securely away, eternally coveted and not quickly nor easily forsaken, using the one ‘n only sole-existing skeleton key -designed by Destiny, handcrafted by the Fates, swallowed by Time. “Exit Ophelia”.
Needless to say, I haven’t been functioning well at all. The mere acts of either sleeping or eating continue to elude me …”needs” met only out of sheer necessity, and even then, in the most microscopic doses.
Occasionally, in rare cases, one might do well to pick up the proverbial broom and sweep the many shattered pieces “under the rug” rather than attempt to pick them up and put them back together. …This is one of those infrequent times.
And after I’ve finished with that… it’s off to my next fairytale! -To find that damn pea someone stuck between my mattresses…


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