He Brings Me Flowers • Fri Dec 09 ’11

“That which we call a rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet.” -Juliet, Romeo and Juliet

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© IvyWell Digital Imagery, photographer: Chesney Peyton 2010-2013

iheartfaces »”Daddy’s Hand As Her Canvas”

ifaces »Anything But A Face! Photo Challenge
The World Is Her Canvas

© IvyWell Digital Imagery, photographer: Chesney Peyton 2010-2011

   During an unexpected trip planned by Matt, to buy me a new camera bag and a couple of other various camera accessories as a belated Christmas gift, our daughter became somewhat bored while I’d been attempting to capture a few impromptu photos of the moon along with the city skyline. She’d ultimately decided she felt like drawing; but after not finding any paper immediately handy, he suggested that she give him a “tattoo” while they patiently waited for me to finish up.
…And so Daddy’s hand became her canvas.

iheartfaces »”Free Spirit”

ifaces »Mobile Phone Photo Challenge
"Free Spirit"

♪♫ Free Spirit ♫♪

© IvyWell Digital Imagery, photographer: Chesney Peyton 2010-2011


   My “WinMo” (Windows Mobile Phone) was used to take this, as well as several other great photos, shortly before The Fourth of July -at a Dairy Queen, during our annual family trip to a couple of firework displays we’ve been known to frequent over the past several years. (The firework stands are within short walking distance of this particular Dairy Queen, and they just so happen to be a couple of the better displays we’ve found within the general vicinity, without having to drive hours out-of-state. So each year we load up the kids, ourselves, a few necessary essentials and make a day of it …driving anywhere from an hour to two hours for firework shopping and lunch/dinner.) If nothing else, these road trips have always ended up being some of our more memorable family occasions -summer fun in the sun, and an excellent source of quality time together!

dimensions: 1536 x 2048
mobile phone style: HTC Touch Pro
camera model: RAPH800