“A Mother”

“A Mother” is an incredibly moving free-verse dedication, written by my precious daughter…



A Mother
by PrincessDarkGril



“A Story of a Mother.

A mother. What she does is extraordinary, a nature of which us children do not understand. She puts the roof over your head, feeds you, buys things and toys for you, cleans up after you, keeps you safe. And most of all, she is over-protective. I know sometimes that it can be annoying when she is, but if you truly understood her ways, you would know her reasoning behind it.

She is there to support you, like a shoulder to cry on, when you need her most. She is someone you can…”

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*Note to My Daughter:

Thank you SOo very much, Sweetheart… Your words brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face; you may never truly know just how much they –how much YOU— mean to me!

All my love & glomps,
Mommy ❤



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