Boycott and Its Elephant-Killing CEO!

Bob Parsons

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Please check out this important information about’s CEO, Bob Parsons! Parsons gets a kick out of killing animals in Africa and then bragging about it online.

Please click the link below to sign a pledge to boycott’s services until Bob Parsons stops killing animals.

To take action on this issue, click on the link below:


6 thoughts on “Boycott and Its Elephant-Killing CEO!

  1. We will boycott godaddy until this stupid, arrogant jerk is bankrupt. There is NO excuse for this behavior. And there are plenty of alternatives. GO TO
    HELL, daddy!!!!
    A. Chouteau

    • Thank you so much, Alice. …I couldn’t be in more complete agreement! Personally, my hopes are that this boycott continues beyond GoDaddy’s ultimate demise -until karmic justice has been properly served up on a silver platter.

  2. Theres also a page on facebook supporting the same cause! Search:
    “Boycott GoDaddy and their Elephant Slaughtering CEO”
    we’re working hard to encourage people to cancel their accounts with GoDaddy- show your distaste with Bob Parsons ignorant actions~BOYCOTT!

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