Rate Your Day | 03.10.11

Day rate: ☀
…Nearing the end of 2 lousy weeks in a row, in general, for the most part. -I’m feeling both mentally and physically exhausted, as well as emotionally drained.

(Reiki Fur Babies, on Facebook, advises:

“If you are feeling overly sensitive, anxious or even upset, take some deep breaths. There are some big [energy] shifts this month, especially with all the solar flares. …So deep breaths, hand over heart, smile & give one thought of gratitude for something.”)

Apparently, I seem to be deeply affected by these recent energy shifts -well, that, among other things.
Nevertheless, I’m thankful for many things. Matty’s extreme patience, tolerance, generosity and devotion, for one.

…To what, or whom, do your thoughts of gratitude gravitate towards, this week?

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