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Cover of The Sweetest Thing (Unrated Edition)

Awww… I just saw the sweetest thing!

“The Sweetest Thing” (2002; Comedy, Romance), starring Cameron Diaz (as Christina Walters), Christina Applegate (as Courtney Rockcliffe), Selma Blair (as Jane Burns), and Thomas Jane (as Peter Donahue). Directed by Roger Kumble (Cruel Intentions 1 & 2, Just Friends). Written by Nancy Pimental (South Park, Dumb and Dumber: When Harry Met Lloyd).

► Movie is Rated R.

While not altogether original, this movie wasn’t half bad. The cast was great. The storyline was more than credible. I wasn’t particularly feeling the romance aspect of it, as it came across a little too “lighthearted, superficial, and scattered” for me to be able to truly feel any genuine emotion from the characters; there was, however, some decent comedic value, as well as a couple of jaw-dropping, “Omgs!” moments. (I, personally, thoroughly enjoyed the end credits “behind-the-scenes” clips. I laughed ’til I cried on a couple of them!)
Overall, I’d rate it as an above average, fluffy excuse for an hour and a half of relaxation and mindless entertainment -good for a few hearty laughs and a couple of bold, brazen moments bound to leave you speechless. * 3 1/2 Stars.

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