Well, it’s now officially Friday; …not as though that means a whole helluva a lot in regards to my personal weekly trials ‘n tribulations -err, I mean schedule. But hey!, it’s a nice thought, anyway.
I am, however, preparing to watch a couple episodes of Supernatural (on dvd) with my darling children. …Only have about four seasons worth to go before we’re entirely caught up! “Ha!”

I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is only about a week away. It seriously feels like Christmas and New Year’s were just yesterday!
Is there anyplace where all of the innumerable “holidays” aren’t quite so freak’n commercialized!? Ireland, perhaps?! (please.)
I thoroughly enjoy celebrating V-Day for my kids; …my “love life”, however, is another story -one lacking the truly inspirational ‘warm ‘n fuzzy’ incentive that I feel should exist in order for me to be genuinely thrilled over the occasion.

“I Duddits!”

Until next time…


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