David Arkenstone on Sonific SongSpot

[sonific 4643ea697bb1edc06e4c13d24bbba00a884411d7]
Note: SongSpot is set to AutoPlay in this blog. Feel free to turn down, mute, or turn off, altogether …if you so desire.

David Arkenstone (whose music has been recently described as Cinematic new age rock, has somewhere around an incredible 3 dozen albums ‘under his belt’), along with Mychael and Jeff Danna (whose musical compositions have riddled numerous movies w/in the film industry for over a decade), Laurie Z. (whose concerts have been named “top pick” by the Los Angeles Times), Michael Stearns, Ludovico Einaudi, Sarah Brightman, Enigma, Enya, and Vangelis are just a few, among many, of today’s top ‘New Age’ / ‘Music Choice®’ | ‘Soundscapes’ “Age of Enlightenment”-style composers. They are also among a few of my own personal favorites …appealing to a softer, more mellow & contemplative “me”.

Guys! (and gals!, alike), if your significant other likes this genre of music, you might do well to add a little of it’s ambience (or some soft Jazz) to your next romantic dinner, intimate rendez-vous, or just a quiet evening to yourselves.

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