A Day In The Life


I’m not entirely certain of just how much of my future writing I really care to have publicized, but @the moment I’m desperate for some literary means of escape -and due to current/recent circumstances, blogging seems to be my most likely ally.

I’d actually created this WordPress blog quite some time ago; …and had simply never gotten around to making use of it. For the longest time, I’d been more focused on getting my own personal server up & running, along w/ my alternate [WordPress] ego, there. As it turned out, setting it all up and getting it on the net was the easy part -keeping it [there], and maintaining it, I’ve since found to be a bit more complicated and challenging, however.

I am dEfyant …aka AcyydReign.
And I suspect that somewhere w/in The Wonderful World of blOgZ there may, eventually, lie a few chapters of my story.

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